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Rot Repair Services

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What are Wood Rots and How Do We Prevent and Repair Wood Rots

Wood is an essential foundation of every home from the roofs, floors, windows and doors. That’s why there is nothing more distressing than you finding out that your house are infected by “rot”. Rot is a form of fungus that increases rapidly infecting and then destroys the wood along its trail.  Rot occurs each time when water or moisture penetrates the interior or the exterior part of the wood.

There are 2 classification of wood rot:

  1. The dry rot – is a wood rot caused by fungus that digest of the parts of the wood which cause the wood to weaken and infirm. Dry rot usually is the product of too much moisture that gain contact with the certain part of the wood. This type of rot is easy to find because of the smell and the traces of moisture that the rots have been infected. Mostly this rot can be found on the roofs, foundations or walls and on leaking pipe installations.

  1. The wet rot – compared to dry rot, wet rot is harder to get rid. Wet rot is typically a wood decaying naturally in its occurrence at high moisture content. This type of rot cannot easily be treated. In order to find and treat wet rot, the destruction of the portion of the wood were it lies is strongly recommended.

The prevention and treatment of wet and dry rot:

When dealing with rot problems, replacement of the wood is much expensive and sometimes impossible. And removing of the area that is infected is not also the proper process, why? The fungus is a micro organism that cannot easily be seen. That is why it is recommended to ask the professional assistance such as the Schroeder Contracting Service.

For wet rot, make sure that all exterior parts of the wood are effectively painted to protect the wood from harmful organism such as fungus. Seal all cracks that may cause the water to enter in woods and be conscious that any moisture can easily affect the wood either internal or external. If rot happens in a structural foundation of the house, be sure to ask the assistance of expert in rot repair like Schroeder Contracting Service.

In terms of dry rot, this can be treated by cutting the affected area of the wood and this includes a minimum of one meter away from the infected parts of the wood. You can apply also a chemical that can eliminate fungi such as fungicide.  It treats all parts woods that is affected by the fungi. However these treatments are very costly and not necessary at all. When rots cannot be eliminated be sure to ask a professional assistance such as the Schroeder Contracting Service.

Schroeder Contracting Services are equipped with highly advanced skilled crew and advanced equipment in repairing rot. By visiting, they can help you prevent the rots from happening and they can be a great help repairing the infected wood parts of your house caused by rots.