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Interior Painting Services

Raleigh Commercial and residential contracting

Interior Painting
One of what we can call a house-upgrade is a fresh new coat of paint. Colors influence the way we feel about the place we roam around and ourselves, too. Interior painting is one of the quality services our company offers for each eye that looks for something new to look at. We can assure you two thumbs up impression from your visitors next time you’ll have them inside your home.

If you’re residing somewhere in Raleigh area and is looking for an expert to make your house feel new and inviting, call us! We are Schroeder Contracting. We can single-handedly do the job in commercial or residential interiors. Big or small, we can do the work—as efficient and as sparkly as you need it to be!

 Our Services
 We just not want you to call us as an option but the choice! We offer you the highest quality of work you would want to see. Our commendable services are the following:

  • Residential Interior Painting from single accent walls to whole home overhauls including ceilings with competent workers and painters.
  • Commercial Interior Painting from single accent walls to whole office overhauls including ceilings with competent workers and painters.
  • Colors, textures and finishes’ improvements in Interior Painting with competent workers and painters.

Why Hire Us?
In interior painting, you will need efficient working hands to do the job. We, as a professional long-running contractor company, can go swifter than a typical painter you would hire in your neighborhood. We have equipments that can do the job much faster than your paint rollers would. We also have expert staff than can handle the job smoothly and flawlessly.

Also, since we have been in the business since 2002, we’ll give you experienced painters that not only know how to paint! But also knows municipal regulations in the area. They will know if these regulations will affect the job in any way.

The labor is the savior! The labors that must be done in preparing and for cleaning up the mess will be our work. And because we are efficient and experienced painters, we assure you a well-worth work with no do-overs.

What will be the advantage of interior painting?
To freshen up the atmosphere of your home, interior painting is the upgrade you’re looking for. This will not just make your homes look relaxing and pleasing to look at. These are the other benefits you can get:

  • Increases the value of your home and offices. (This is applicable in both interior and exterior painting)
  • You’ll have a better and healthier air quality.
  • Minimum dust and dirt rates.
  • Hides vandals and stains.
  • Protects interior surfaces.
  • A low-cost remodeling.
  • Valued make-over.

You’re choice of quality and efficiency is Schroeder Contracting! We are a local, Residential and Commercial Contractor that has been offering our exemplary services in the areas of Raleigh, Cary and Wake Forest since 2002.