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Drainage System Services

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What are Problems Involved in Drainage System and How to Prevent these Problems

Drainage is either natural or artificial management of draining something like water or waste. It is very essential to every house, business, and even city or urban areas because it is responsible of carrying out the waste water or solid waste to a sewer. This also reduces flood by means of carrying the water away.

When you notice that your toilet is hard to flush or the water in your sink and bath is very slow when it comes to draining, it is possible that this is a sign of blockage. Blockage in the drainage systems is a commonly irritating problem experienced at homes and businesses. There are numerous causes of drainage blockage. Here are some possible causes of your drainage problems.

  1. Old pipes that can easily be cracked. If a pipe is broken, then there is a tendency of misguided flow of the water due to the damaged pipe. Some pipes can also be broken due to the roots of the trees above the pipes.
  2. The flow of water in the drainage must not be rising. Drainage system uses the law of gravity and incorrect positioning of the drainage installation can eventually result to lack of flow in the system.
  3. Foreign materials can cause the blockage of the drainage system such us soap, hair strands, and even the food you eat. Technically speaking, once these foreign materials enter the drainage, it cannot immediately block the drainage. But as time goes by, the drainage system will be blocked due to these foreign materials.
  4. Outside rains or storms bring leaves, dirt, and other materials that enter the drainage cannot immediately cause blockage, but eventually, these materials build up into the blockage affecting the drainage system.
  5. The accurate pipe installation must always be observed.  Remember if you don’t have the proper skills and knowledge about drainage system, do not install the pipes. This is not only risky for your own property but it can also destroy your neighbors’ property.

How do we prevent blockage and keep the flow in a drainage system?

  • Be sure that only waste water, toilet tissue and human waste goes to the flow of the drainage installation into to the sewer or septic tank.
  • Avoid disposing medicines, tablets or any materials in drainage system that can create a blockage.
  • Dispose properly the fats, oil, and grease that have been used in cooking. Disposing these to the drainage may cause obstruction in the flow of waste water.

Always remember when your house drainage system is damaged or blocked, always seek the assistance of a professional plumber like Schroeder Contracting Service. They can offer you the best plumbing service to help you on your drainage problem. These plumbers are highly equipped with skills and knowledge. They will be the best company for repairing your drainage, aligning the pipe installation, and replacing the damage drainage. You can save money and time by making the right choice in caring of your drainage system.