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Concrete Construction Services

Raleigh Commercial and residential contracting

Commercial and Residential Concrete Construction by Schroeder Contracting
When it comes to construction, whether it is commercial or residential, a reliable contractor is very much crucial. Only with the best contractor will one can ensure that the building is done in quality. In that case, Schroeder Contracting is the contracting company that is right for you.

Aside from that, Schroeder Contracting offers efficient commercial and residential services from painting job to home modifications. We make sure to do it with care and quality so that not only do we meet your expectation, but exceed them as well.

Concrete Construction
With the many services that we offer, one of them is concrete. Concrete is a type of material that is commonly used for construction. Concrete is a composite materials that are mainly water, cement and aggregate. Aside from these three, there are times that some reinforcements and additives are included in the mixture so that one can attain the desired physical attribute of the product. When combined, these materials form the concrete which is the most commonly used material for construction.

Schroeder Contracting also offers concrete construction for commercial and residential, but what we do is not an ordinary concrete construction. To make sure that you are satisfied and that our construction is that of quality, we use only high-end materials and the most effective equipment as well. As a proud contractor, we assure all our clients that we do our job in solid foundation.

We specialize in concrete mixing as well as ready supply for home building and construction work. We guarantee you with the finest workmanship as well as secured and efficient use of all resources at hand. Schroeder Contracting is there to assist you with your project from beginning to end and we will use our in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure your project is done in quality.

We take pride in our concrete construction service. Our highly trained staff and many years of experience that we have make us one of the leading residential and commercial handyman services in Raleigh. So that we can do our job well, we use only the latest equipment, methods and materials for concrete construction job. Our staff has years of experience and training backing them, assuring each client that we know the best way to do our job.
Schroeder Contracting is a locally owned and operated company that has 10 years prior experience in contracting services. With that, we’ve already built loyal customers who have seen and experienced themselves the kind of job that we provide. Not only that, our company and staff are licensed, bonded and insured, so you can see that your satisfaction and trust is our main concern.

So, if you want a quality concrete job, there is only one place that you should look for and that is Schroeder Contracting. Here at us, we provide you with premium services for commercial and residential concrete construction at a very affordable price. Contact us or submit a contact form for our services! We give you nothing, but the best.